As real estate management experts, we can offer a world class service to our renters and to our owners.

With nearly a century of experience under our belts, we leave other management companies in the shade.

When they hire assistants and agents, we hire masters in their field.

We regularly conduct client satisfaction surveys and listen to customers about how we could improve our service.

If you are not happy about some aspect of our service, there is a procedure in place for reporting a complaint. We take all suggestions and advice about offering a better service very seriously.

Ultimately, our service is listening to what you, the customer requires and then working hard to match your needs to what we have on offer.

At the moment, we are currently on the lookout for more residential properties of all shapes and sizes. So whether you are the owner of a compact condo or a spacious town house, call us today to see how we can unlock the rental potential of your bricks and mortar.

To our property owners we can offer the following services:


We do not leave our clients in the dark about anything, your client portal is available 24/7 and can be logged into from all web browsers securely. Our phone lines are open office hours, seven days a week.


We offer a ‘no surprises’ guarantee. If there is likely to be a charge or cost somewhere, we let you know ASAP.


All our tenants are professional people, who have excellent references and credit scores. You will not be left chasing rent arrears or out of pocket. Any problems with the rent account and we will deal with it all.


All our contractors are experts at the job they do. We never hire cowboys or Jack-of-all-tradesmen. We also never compromise on price or quality. If something needs to be done, then it gets done. We never cut corners to try and save money.


For a lot of our landlords, this is the most frequently cited benefit of our management agency. You can sleep easy and no longer dread the three a.m. phone call about the leaking roof. Any emergencies will be dealt with and we will not be troubling you with them until a civilized hour – and it will have been dealt with by then!